OpenOffice for Mac

OpenOffice for Mac is the primary open-source office computer software package for word processing, spreadsheets, demonstrations, graphics, databases and much more. This software is accessible in a different languages and is effective on all popular pc’s. It stores all your files in an global available common file format and can also read and write files from other popular office software packages. It can be downloaded and used absolutely free of charge for any purpose.
OpenOffice is the result of over twenty years’ software development. Created from the begining as a single element of software, it has a consistency other items cannot match. OpenOffice is quick to understand, and if you’re by now working with another office software program, you’ll take to OpenOffice for Mac immediately. World-wide native-language community means that is possibly accessible and supported in your own language. And if you currently have documents from one more office package – OpenOffice for MacOpenOffice for Mac will probably easy read them. Great, OpenOffice can be down loaded and used completely free of any licence fees. OpenOffice is produced under the LGPL licence. That means you may use it for any purpose – domestic, commercial, educational, or what you want. You can set up it on as many personal computers as you like. You may generate duplicates and give them away to family, friends, students, employees – anyone who need OpenOffice for Mac.



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Reasons why businesses need the open source office software

Open source office products have become a favorite of many businesses and government agencies. This is an indication that the software not only provides a price advantage, but other many benefits too. If the reason for companies switching to this product was cost alone, then most of them would have switched back to the expensive stuff right after recession. Evidently, that’s not the case.

Free and open source software (FOSS) brings other numerous advantages to businesses. Let’s examine some of them.


The packages provides a chance for more people to see and test a set of code making it easier for any flaws top be detected and fixed faster. This is therefore an opposite of the argument given as the reason for the adoption of costly proprietary products which believes in “security through obscurity’. As a matter of fact, the absence flaws reports about iPhone or Windows’ code does not mean that they are more secure.

In fact, the only meaning here is that the software are kept from public view making it impossible for outsiders to have any idea of the number of bugs they contain. Also, the fixing of any bugs in the open source products is faster as in the testament provided by the recent Linux kernel exploit.


Users are free to take a portion of the open source products and customize them to suit their specific needs. The code is open making it possible to modify it through adding functions that a particular user wants most. This is not something anyone can imagine doing with the closed alternatives.


There are thousands of developers and users ever trying their best to improve the security of FOSS. They also do their best to add numerous valuable features to the products on a daily basis. Now, what is more appealing between a package created by only a few developers and that created by thousands of users? The answer should be obvious.

Basically, the point here is that FOSS gets closer to what the users want as they have a hand in developing some of functions it provides. Vendors do not sell to users what they think the users need, rather the users create what they want and they succeed at it.


Open source software is typically far less resource intensive and they can be run effectively even on older hardware. The users are the ones to decide on the kind of upgrade they need and when they need it. This is not the case with proprietary products like Microsoft Office that only puts businesses on a treadmill of upgrades that never end on both hardware and software.


Closely related to the above benefit is freedom provided by these open products. Users tend to free themselves from the frustrating and sometime annoying vendor lock-ins that affects businesses using proprietary products. Consumers of the expensive options are always at the mercy of the developers. They must involuntarily subscribe to the changing visions and requirements of the vendors.

The FOSS provides user with the chance to take control and decide on whatever they wish to do with the software. Still, they enjoy a worldwide presence of developers and user to provide all the help they may need.


Open source products can be audited by the users themselves. This is not possible with the proprietary products that only leave the users to solely rely on the developer’s claims that they are adhering to standards and keeping everything safe. Such claims cannot always be proven by the consumers.


With the closed source products, users are unable to enjoy interoperability with other entities. They are numerous hindrances to achieving such freedom including proprietary data formats. FOSS are keen on open standards giving businesses the valuable chance of sharing data in the formats they want.


Acquiring the closed software involves having to part with more money on mandatory virus protection, ongoing upgrade expense, support charges and many other costs. All such expenses are eliminated when a business chooses to go for the open products.

There are still more benefits users get from the FOSS including many support options through vibrant communities. They can also try everything out before committing to purchase the software, to see some of the benefits provided by the open source office.

Open office for Mac

Open office Free Download, Why?

Open Office is an open source suite that entails a word processor, power point, excel worksheet, graphics and presentations. Open office was developed by Sun Microsystems and introduced in the year 2000 as an open source. Since then, other users and system developers have developed the office suite. Open office also has a database manager that allows you to make reports and forms by easily accessing data. This office suite is compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 both of 32 bit and of 64-bit system types.

As an open source, open office continues to evolve with new features and extensions. Developers around the world are improving this office suite with new versions introduced. Open office is compatible with several operating systems and other office-generated documents. Other features incorporated in open office include a web navigator and an electronic mail client.

Download Open Office

Open office is available for download free. All you need to do is just to search it, download it and start enjoying the unique services of open office. Moreover, this application automatically updates itself when connected to the internet. Open office is a complete application tool with a simple to use interface. This open source application beats other office suites in that is has advanced compatibility, available in several different languages and it has a rapid growth of extension lists.

Open Office Packages


This is the word processor in open office. This open office package is compatible with several formats thus rivaling Microsoft word. Moreover, it has the ability to export PDF files.


Calc is the Microsoft Excel version of open office. With calc you can create spreadsheets and analyzes data. It also has Natural Language Formulas and Scenario Manager that makes it stand out compared to other office suites.


This is a similar version of Microsoft Access. It allows you to create and organize databases. You can easily arrange and organize large amounts of data. Additionally, you can create data forms and reports.

With impress, you will be able to create distinct presentations that match those made from Microsoft Power Point. Furthermore, Impress is able to download and save presentation templates. Moreover, it can also create Flash files and PDF files.

The math application in open office allows you to create and edit mathematical equations. It has an easy-to-use tool that formats mathematical equations, which you can export to other required open office programs. It is difficult to format equations in most programs but with Math, you can create files with it and use them on other open office suites.

The draw allows you to create and edit charts, diagrams and graphics. It is comparable to CorelDraw.


Open office contains a variety of templates that you can use for business, education and personal stuff. The templates include brochures, resumes, business card, invoices, finance calculators, fax, calendar, formal letter and more. All these templates are free.


Open office holds over 500 extensions that improve its capabilities. Some of them include foreign language dictionaries and advanced graphs symbols.


Open Office for Mac

OpenOffice Vs Microsoft Workplace

You will have heard about OpenOffice earlier than, a free, cross-platform different to  utility suites akin to Microsoft Office and Apple iWorks.   Maybe you’re still hesitant to strive OpenOffice and also you want to know the differences between it and MS Office.
A very thorough comparability of the distinction in features between OpenOffice and MS Workplace will be found at Under is a synopsis of some of the differences the article touches on:
MS Workplace price per license is determined by the client and the number of computers that want the software installed.
OpenOffice is free.
MS Office runs on Windows and Mac.
OpenOffice is completely cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux), and may run better on older systems than MS Office does.
MS Workplace launched the new ribbon interface with the release of Office 2007/2008.
At present, the OpenOffice interface is extra similar to MS Workplace 2003, although there appears to be plans to incorporate a ribbon GUI.
MS Workplace can open all MS Office information (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, and many others) natively.
OpenOffice can open MS Office recordsdata as well. To save to MS Office doc codecs, go into the “Save As” dialog possibility and select the specified MS Office Format.
MS Workplace is professionally pushed, as long as you’ve got a license you can get help.
OpenOffice’s assist is community pushed with online help forums, and is usually free.

Open office for mac (new info)

OpenOffice for Mac is a free powerful office suite that provides a very good replacement for Microsoft Office for Mac.
OpenOffice for Mac is a multi-platform and multilingual office suite that’s compatible with all other major office suites (that means it’ll open and edit Phrase, Powerpoint paperwork and many others) and best of all, its absolutely free to use.
OpenOffice for Mac consists of the important thing desktop purposes, reminiscent of a phrase processor, spreadsheet, presentation supervisor, and drawing program with a consumer interface and feature set similar to different office suites. It will not be fairly as polished as Microsoft Office however considering you get all this for nothing, you actually can’t complain. The six parts OpenOffice for Mac comes with are Write, Calc (spreadsheets), Impress (displays), Draw, Base (database administration) and System (mathematical application).
There are some drawbacks to OpenOffice for Mac of course. Occasionally, you will expertise formatting or printing issues when using paperwork which have been made in Microsoft Office. Nevertheless, the primary one is that since it’s largely based on Java, it can be somewhat sluggish and unresponsive notably when opening new files. This has actually been improved within the newest releases but its still a sluggish outdated thing compared to Microsoft Office. The numerous settings and buttons that include it may also be just a little overwhelming too and it would be good to see it made slightly easier and streamlined in future releases.
In case you’re strapped for money or just don’t need to set up Microsoft software program in your Mac, OpenOffice for Mac is an excellent, if slightly imperfect alternative.

Openoffice for Mac computer is the main open-supply office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It’s obtainable in lots of languages and works on all common computers. It shops all of your information in a global open normal format and may learn and write recordsdata from different widespread office software packages. It can be downloaded and used utterly free of charge for any purpose. is the free different to Microsoft Office. Even on a Mac, Open principally feels and looks like a Windows application, but Mac users should have no bother getting up and operating with this multifeatured app.
With Open Workplace, you possibly can create the same types of paperwork, spreadsheets, and presentations out there in Microsoft Workplace and even save them with the MS Workplace extensions akin to .doc or .ppt. additionally has its own file extensions, which can’t be opened with their Microsoft Office counterparts, so you may need to ensure you remember to save with the suitable extension so MS Workplace customers can learn them. This is made much easier with the Preferences Panel, which lets you select the default file sort for paperwork you create.
Throughout our testing, the appliance carried out very nicely; it handles MS Workplace documents with the same ease as its personal native documents. And you do not should be an advanced Workplace user to seek out all of the options you used in Microsoft’s suite. All the basic enhancing instruments can be found at a look, so you can start utilizing the application from the primary launch.
Total, is a really helpful and highly effective app for document enhancing and reading. We suggest this free app for any-level person who wants a cheaper strategy to create files and share them with or Microsoft Workplace users.

Openoffice and Linux

This article is about openoffice linux.Openoffice is open source office which includes world processor,spreadsheet,graphics design etc.The format of this office is odf by default but it supports the other format too.Openoffice can be used on various operating system.And it also supports a number of languages.First this was under sun and then now it is under Oracle.

Openoffice can be installed on a number of operating system and linux is one of them.For installing openoffice first you have to ensure that this should not be available already.Following are the instructions for installing openoffice on linux platform-

Oracle Open Office

The Apache Software Foundation was given the oracle Open Office by Oracle. As it is known to many, Oracle used to initially own the software but later gave it out to Apache. Apache now solely own and manage the Office application. Although most people knew Open Office as an open source, Apache now charge for its use as it comes with other important bundles. They offer the software to any interested person. This is because after getting the right to own it, they added new features to it.

Apache Open Office comes with other additional feature like Microsoft migration kit that allows easy transfer. The main aim of Oracle to donate this software to Apache was to show their support of open source softwares.Apache too wants other interested parties to join them in further development of the Open Office.

OpenOffice Mac

OpenOffice Mac has been proven as a strong competitor for the widely used Microsoft Office. Those two word processing programs seem very similar in functions and even interface, but it truly makes OpenOffice to be more acceptable in the market, especially for those who already used to the Microsoft’s software. Of course, users will never have to consider the similarities as bad points; OpenOffice should always be considered as a new choice that provides a complete powerful application for word processing functions.

There are some basic functions such as text documents and presentations. Other useful features such as bibliographies, indexes, and equations are as well included. Furthermore, OpenOffice also offers some excellent programs to make XML and HTML contents. It is even compatible with MS office documents; it can also save and open documents from PDF files, XML, and HTML. By default, OpenOffice will save in OpenDocument XML format, but users are allowed to choose a different formatting when necessary.

Openoffice Windows 7 64 bit

OpenOffice is the single leading free office productivity suite, using OpenOffice (Windows 7, 64-bit version, unless you’re using a more atypical platform) you can easily manage all the same tasks you would with an expensive paid suite like Microsoft Office without losing one dime. With a full feature set, a wide variety of supported formats, and excellent performance, OpenOffice is a piece of software well worth using.

Like any other office suite, OpenOffice features the full array of component apps. OpenOffice Writer is your word processor, it has solid macro support and plenty of formatting options, making it easy to use for creating professional-looking documents.

Openoffice Email Client Service and its Great Utilities

An openoffice email client service can help you in the situation when you have an old and slow speed computer system which hangs most of the times during multi processing. Also, you do not want to dispose of it due to lack of resources and insufficient amount of money. Also you are not able to spend extra money in buying new licensed software to install in your system and to upgrade the machine. You can have a great solution to this problem and you can make your system functional and easy to use machine by installing openoffice email account service and other related tools which are available easily on internet for free. Moreover, you do not need to pay their extra license fees. In this way you can turn your old and worthless machine into a useful and productive by adopting some innovative measures.