OpenOffice Vs Microsoft Office

Debates about openoffice vs Microsoft office have been going on in various forums with different people trying to compare and contrast the two suites. The debates can be attributed to the fact both open office and Microsoft offices performs roles which are almost similar thus are commonly used as substitute to each other. This means that people can perform different task using either of the suites. However there are various features in both the suites which make them distinct and comparable.
Amongst the outstanding differences between the two suites is that OpenOffice is a free productivity suite while Microsoft office is usually sold. The OpenOffice updates are also free since it is an open source product. This is despite the fact that both the suites have similar programs such as word processing, presentation, database management programs and spread sheet. Consequently, people who are attracted by the fact that they will save some money by getting the suite for free prefer to use OpenOffice rather than Microsoft office.
OpenOffice is also more flexible when compared with Microsoft office. This can be attributed to the fact that work done in OpenOffice can be edited using other programs including Microsoft office. OpenOffice can also be customized and adopted to the users needs by improving the program or by building entirely new ones unlike in Microsoft office which is rigid and cannot be easily changed. This gives the users chances to work comfortably and easily using their preferred style and programs.
openoffice vs microsoft officeEven though both OpenOffice and Microsoft office are adequately secure, there is still a distinction in that OpenOffice alerts all its users about possible security concerns thus allowing them to take the necessary protective measures. On the other hand, Microsoft office does not disclose all the details about security concerns citing the need to prevent the hackers to exploit the security issues. Thus with the proper information about openoffice vs Microsoft office, it is possible to choose the most appropriate suite.


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