Uninstall openoffice mac

If you need to uninstall OpenOffice Mac, you can do this very easy. Mac’s don’t need anyone run an uninstaller to remove most applications from your pc. OpenOffice generates files or folders in three separate locations on your Mac and all you require to do to totally remove it is move those files to the Trash.

Step by step Uninstall OpenOffice from Mac

1. Click on the “Finder” image in your Dock to open a new Finder screen and after that click the “Applications” directory shortcut link in the left column.
2. Find OpenOffice
3. Click the application icon to choose and, still holding your mouse button, move it to the Trash icon in the bottom-right corner of your Mac Desk. Release your mouse when you see the Trash icon switch gray to move the application.
Click your Finder screen and after that click the Home icon for your username in the left column. Open your “Library” directory, then open “Application Support.”
4. Find the “OpenOffice.org” folder. Transfer the directory to your Trash.
5. Go back to your “Library” directory and after that find and open your “Preferences” directory. Identify the file called, “org.openoffice.script.plist” and transfer it to your Trash.
6. Click and hold the Trash icon and then select “Empty Trash” from the pop-up options menu. Ensure you need to empty your Trash when prompted by your Mac.